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Patent Filing in India, Patent Filing India, Patent Application India, Patent Application in India, Patent Application Filing in India, Bangalore, Indian Patent Office, Patent Office IndiaIn order to file a patent in India, an applicant can apply an application for patent grant at the branches in India based on the jurisdiction where the applicant resides or has a place of business or has an address for services.

Our specialised team consisting of patent agents and patent attorneys have an understanding of the intrinsic value of the patent as well as the experience in successfully handling patent filing in India and various countries. Our patent teams are fully acquainted with the legalities of patent filing procedures in India. We have represented many Indian clients, and International clients to file the patent applications in India. We have an in-house developed cloud-based portfolio management system for docketing IP portfolio. It has been created with state-of-the-art technology to ensure data security.

There are different types of Application such as Ordinary Application, Convention Application, Divisional Application, Patent of Addition and PCT National Phase Application.

Patent Filing in India – Ordinary Application:

A patent application without claiming priority of prior application refers to an ordinary application. It can be a provisional or a nonprovisional patent application.

We, at Intepat, utilise the E-filing of Indian Patent Office to file the patent application for grant of a patent and pay electronic official fees and furnish a patent specification.

The non-provisional application will be filed directly or within 12 months from the date of provisional application if a provisional application is filed.

Conventional Application:

A patent application which claims a priority date and priority of substantially similar invention filed in one or more convention countries of Paris convention refers to convention patent application. For obtaining convention status, the convention patent application is filed in the Indian Patent Office within 12 months from the date of the priority application.

In order to file a conventional patent application in India, we need a patent specification [in English], and priority application details. Further, certified copy of priority documents needs to be submitted either at the time of filing or within 3 months from the date of communication from Patent Controller.

Divisional Application:

A patent application may be divided into the further application(s) in respect of invention(s) disclosed in the main patent application, and such divided application refers to the divisional patent application. The date of filing, priority date and the term of the patent for the claims of the divisional application shall be same as the of the main application.

Patent of Addition:

An applicant can file an additional patent application in India for an improvement or modification of the main patent or main patent application [also referred ‘parent patent’]. The applicant for the patent of addition should be same as that of main patent application. The patent of addition shall not be granted until the main patent has been granted. The patent of addition shall not be granted if the main patent is ceased. The patent of addition shall be ceased if the main patent is not renewed. In the patent of addition, only need to pay the patent filing fees and no need to pay the additional renewal fees for the patent of addition.

Filing PCT Patent Application in India:

We, at Intepat, assist our Indian clients in filing PCT patent applications in Indian Patent Office or in WIPO within 12 months from the priority date of Indian patent application.

Filing National Phase PCT entry in India:

We, at Intepat, assist our International clients in filing national phase PCT patent application in Indian Patent Office within 31 months from the priority date of application.

Filing International Patent Applications:

We, at Intepat, assist our Indian clients in filing the conventional patent application in various countries and national phase PCT patent applications in the PCT member countries such as Australia, China, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, UK, and USPTO among others.

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