Patent Search Services

We provide comprehensive patent search using machine tools and human expertises

Patent Prosecution Services

We deliver services from patent draft till the patent maintenance of entire patent cycle

Patent Support Outsourcing

We offer cost effective and efficient patent outsouring services to law firms/entities

Trademark Services

Our service offering spans the entire trademark lifecycle – from research to renewal of trademark

Industrial Design Services

We offer consulting registrabity of a design on an article till the registration of design

Copyright Services

We provide preparing, filing and registration of copyright work and expert advice on copyright protection

Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Rights

In today’s global marketplace, the existence of dynamic interplay between businesses, legal and technical issues cannot be undermined.

The protection of Intellectual Property  Rights (IPR) has thus become an important cornerstone, which determines an organization’s go-to-market strategy and business growth prospects.

Our suite of IP Services enables our clients to develop comprehensive IP protection plans that take full advantage of patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and other types of intellectual property rights in India and Internationally.

Patent Search Services

Intepat provides comprehensive patent search services that includes patentability analysis, prior art search, infringement analysis, freedom to operate search

Patent Prosecution

We deliver services from patent drafting, patent filing in India, PCT & abroad, response to examination, appearing for hearing till the maintenance of patent

Patent Outsourcing

The patent support outsourcing services that includes patent search, patent drafting, response to official action and patent proofreading to IP law firms and entities

Trademark Services

Intepat provides assistance in every step of your trademark registration process and beyond. Our trademark team provides solutions from search to renewal

Industrial Design

The creator of a new and original design is given legal protection of his work. This is the incentive given for the creator’s hard work- The purpose is to see that the creator’s

Copyright Services

Copyright devolves on the owner of a work as soon as it is created, but it is considered prudent to register your copyright since it ensure better legal protection against