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Patent Search, Patentability Search Report, Patentability Analysis, Bangalore, India, International

Patentability Search

First, a patent search enables to check the patentability of an invention before applying for patent protection. The patentability search report helps a client

Patent Search, Patent Infringement, Patent Infringement Analysis, Patent Infringement Study, India, International, Bangalore

Infringement Analysis

An infringement analysis is conducted in order to determine whether a product or a process infringes upon an existing patent claim. In order to conduct

Patent Search, Freedom to Operate, FTO Search, India, International, Bangalore

Freedom to Operate

A freedom to operate (FTO) is conducted to mitigate the risks of infringement of patents in a particular region/country, so that one can take

Patent Search, Prior Art Search, India, International, Bangalore

Prior Art Search

Patent search, particularly prior art search is important to decide the status of a technology in reference to advancement in the field. The prior art search is conducted 

Patent Search, Patent Validity, Patent Invalidity, Search, Study, Analysis, Report, India, International, Bangalore


A patent validity/ invalidity is conducted for a client who is concerned about his product infringing a particular patent. Detailed research

Patent Search, Patent Landscape Analysis, Patent Technology Landscape, India, International, Bangalore

Technology Landscape

patent technology landscape analysis help our client to understand the market involving a particular technology, the latest development

Patent Search, Patent Watch, Patent Alert Services, India, US, Europe, International, Bangalore

Patent Watch and Alert

The patent search related to patent watch and alert services are provided to update our clients on the latest development in his interest field of technology which can

Patent Search, Patent Portfolio Analysis, Competitor Analysis, India, International, Bangalore

Patent Portfolio Analysis

A patent search on patent portfolio analysis is conducted for identifying the collection of patents, patent applications owned by a company. Particularly, a company or entity

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