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Patent Validity Search, Patent Invalidity Search, Patent Invalidity Search in India, Patent Validation India, Patent Invalidation India, Analysis, Report, Bangalore, Patent Validity in IndiaA patent validity/patent invalidity search is conducted after grant/issuance of the patent. Though the search methodology of both is same, but the objective differs. The patent validity search is to validate the enforcement of patented claims and also to arrive valuation of the patent. On other the hand, the patent invalidity search is conducted to invalidate one or more claims of patents, and may use the invalidation report in the patent litigation proceedings or to file a post-grant opposition in India.

Patent invalidation search is performed to identify documents or prior use that may reduce the claims of a granted patent, thus invalidating it. The aim of the search is to uncover prior art or prior use which limits the scope of the granted patent. The invalidation search is a comprehensive search carried out by our expert professionals to successfully invalidate patents. Detailed research is conducted to determine whether the claims of a particular patent are valid or invalid when analyzed and compared to the prior art available before the date of filing.

At Intepat, we understand your patents from a commercial viewpoint and have expertise in conducting a number of Patent Validity Search/ Invalidity Searches. We conduct prior-art searches from patents, published patent applications, and non-patent literature, such as books, journals, relevant literature, and internet publications, apart from gathering information from prosecution history or file wrapper. We go beyond simple claim comparison and understand the entire specification as it relates to the claims at issue. Additionally, physical embodiments of the products and evidence of sale and public use may be provided wherever retrievable. Besides conducting a comprehensive validity/invalidity search, we also advise clients on the right IP strategy to be undertaken based on these search results.

Our search report typically consists of the search report, claim chart and electronic copies of cited prior art. We provide clients with expert analysis as to possible prior art that can be used to invalidate/validate a patent. We deliver the invalidity search report within 10 to 15 days.

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