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Patent Technology Landscape, Patent Landscape in India, Patent Technology Landscape in India, Technology Landscape in IndiaA Patent Technology Landscape analysis help our client to understand the market involving a particular technology, the latest development involving such technology and the strengths of its competitors. The study helps a client to take important decisions and strategies involving the R&D of a product, investing into certain areas of technology, identifying patent trends, understanding the competitors’ strategy amongst others.

Not only does the landscape analysis gives one a picture of its competitors, it also determines the IP portfolios of the companies involved and where a product, if launched, will stand in the market.

Many research-oriented companies look into the technology landscape before venturing for R&D in a specific technological field. It eases commercialization breakthroughs by making it easier to identify the area which has major competition (and hence, more patent problems) and in which area remains relatively free from much competition (and hence, easier patenting and market domination).

Patent landscape not only helps to understand the market and develop a patent strategy, it also helps one to understand the trends in the market, identify its competitors and the activities undertaken by its competitors, trends affecting specific technological subspecialties and in which region is the research activity happening.

At Intepat, understanding the technology domain of our client’s interest, an exhaustive search and detailed analysis of the documents (patent and non-patent literature) is prepared. To derive maximum value from the available resources, we represent the data graphically and a detailed taxonomy of the technology is provided. The report concentrates on the detailed analysis of specific technologies and can be customized as per client’s requirement.

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